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Dc Do Your Job

Fundraiser Campaign to Hold Elected Officials Accountable

Dc Do Your Job is a leading non-partisan organization working towards creating awareness about the responsibilities of the elected officials. Our goal is to hold them accountable and have the voice of the people heard. We believe they are elected to represent the people and by the people; they need to work for our welfare after the election. They are empowered to work for us and not to rule over us.

What We Do

Open litigation against Congress to hold them to their position. We are gathering funds to force Congress to work on what they’ve promised. We hire the best lawyers in the nation to bring litigation against these officials to force them to “Do Your Job”!

Dc Do Your Job
Dc Do Your Job
Missing politicians

Why We Need Funds

We, the people, have to hold Congress and the senate accountable for their elected positions. To bring litigation against Congress, we need the best lawyers to work for us. To hire these lawyers and create awareness campaigns, we need funds. We need to come together to hire these lawyers to make them do their job. Drive Congress to DO YOUR JOB!

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Donate to Our Cause Today

Our communities need to be heard by those elected for our convenience. The elected officials are for the convenience of us. Keep our fundraiser alive by donating today. With your help, we can change the way the gov't represents us.

Your Donations Make the Difference

  • Monthly and annual donations (set up recurring donations)
  • Peer to Peer Fundraising (become an advocate for a cause the directly affects you.)

Get your voice heard. With your donations, we will be able to recruit the best attorneys in the nation to go to Congress and force them to do their job.
Help us Power our campaign.
Help us reach Congress today.
If you have any questions about our campaign and allocate the funds, please reach out via our contact form.

Dc Do Your Job
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